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2017China’s annual cultural influence city Dunhuang


Dunhuang, called “Gobi oasis” and “western Pearl”, was the hub of middle and eastern silk routes in ancient times, famous for the painted murals of Mogao Caves in the world. Dunhuang is the national historic and cultural city, the hometown of flying Apsaras, the temple of Buddhist art.

Dunhuang was the center of Chinese and western cultures,There are only four historical, expansive, self-contained systems and cultural systems that have a profound influence on the world, that’s China, India, Greece, Islam, the convergence of the four cultural system where only one, is China's Dunhuang.

Dunhuang has 8 famous tourist attractions and 7 heritage protection units. The ancient city of Dunhuang is known as the museum of western architectural art in western China, Mogao Caves, also known as the "thousand Buddha cave," is listed as a world cultural heritage. Dunhuang is also regarded as an excellent tourist city in China.


Award words

The silk road, the desert, Dunhuang is the ancient western civilization, is the innovation of the present century, It has always been a shining pearl in the Chinese territory.


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ShunZhou Zhan, member of the standing committee of jiuquan municipal committee and secretary of Dunhuang municipal committee





 Dunhuang yumenguan site


Dunhuang lunar crescent spring

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